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Moving to Cairns from New Zealand

People moving to Cairns are not just moving because it’s a tropical paradise with fascinating animals, they are moving for work. There is an abundance of employment opportunities in the city of Cairns, Queensland with many different industries hiring new workers constantly.  There has been a rise in New Zealanders migrating over to Australia and many are choosing Cairns rather than overcrowded cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Some moving companies specialise in moving from New Zealand to Australia and include their moving prices on their websites. Moving to another country can be a mammoth task, so it is wise to take the time to begin getting things in order at least 12 weeks before the move.

If having the Great Barrier Reef as your backyard isn’t enticing enough, there are a host of other reasons why Cairns would make the perfect place to settle. Here are a few:

Climate – Cairns has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. The average rainfall in the wet season is around 2,000 mm. Whilst the summer can get really hot and reach median daily temperatures of 32.5 degrees Celsius.

Big city vibes – With a population of around 150,000 people, Cairns is big enough to have great cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues. But it’s still small enough to have a laid-back feel. It is the fifth largest city in Queensland and has an annual population growth of around 2.5%.

Job opportunities – Cairns is home to many different industries.  Some of the more popular jobs are administration, construction, mining, tourism & hospitality and health service providers. The unemployment rate is below the overall average and is currently the state’s strongest performing region.

Culture – With its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and being in the tropics there are many festivals that take place in the region including the Cairns Festival that usually happens in August – September. It is a 10 day event that celebrates art, culture and the beauty of living in Tropical North Queensland.

Attractions – Cairns is the gateway to over 600 islands spread throughout the coral reef ecosystem, some of the must explore include Green Island, Fitzroy Island and the Frankland Islands. Cairns beaches are some of the best among Australia’s coastline with crystal clear water and soft golden sand. Whether it be hiking in the Daintree Rainforest or snorkeling with marine wildlife, you’ll always find something to do in Cairns.